About Boston JetSearch

Our Objectives are Your ObjectivesWe Take Sides on Every Assignment, Yours and Only Yours

Our objective with the Boston JetSearch Aircraft Acquisition Service is to represent the buyer—and only the buyer—in the search for, and acquisition of, a business jet. We represent the buyer as a client; to assist with the selection of an appropriate aircraft type, if requested; and, most importantly, to help locate and acquire the one aircraft (or multiple aircraft), whether new or pre-owned, best meeting the search criteria.

Challenger 3500 Exterior Ramp Appeal

OUR PHILOSOPHY Not All Searches are Created Equal.

When we introduced the Boston JetSearch Aircraft Acquisition Service, the idea was different from what brokers, dealers, or manufacturers offered, and people had difficulty understanding what we were all about. Over the years our concept has proved to be so successful that a variety of companies involved in aircraft sales say they, too, offer a “search” service.

Falcon 8X head on shot

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT Putting Your Interests First

Economics force brokers, dealers, and manufacturers to favor the aircraft they list, own, or make. Their profits come from selling the aircraft they have on hand, not from truly representing the buyer. So when it comes to searching out the best value in a chosen category, their own best interests have to affect the “search” they make for you.