Our Process

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENTThe Boston JetSearch Aircraft Acquisition Service

We provide all facets of a corporate jet acquisition, and then some. Boston JetSearch offers its clients unequaled research, analysis, aircraft evaluation, and negotiating capabilities that are completely unbiased.

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Evaluation
  • Closing


The research phase of the process enables the client to gain a clear picture of the market they are entering. We utilize numerous worldwide databases and industry sources to identify aircraft of the selected model that are available for sale or lease.

Once a research focus group is finalized, we obtain specifications, delivery dates, and prices. This process includes the next-available factory-new aircraft, when appropriate, and ensures the client that all possible candidates are considered. Our rigorous research procedure frequently reveals available aircraft undiscovered by other sources.

Market Analysis

Once the research is complete, we present a comprehensive market analysis that includes general information and operating costs for the aircraft model under consideration, a review of recent transactions to assess market activity and typical selling prices, and an overview of the current and forecast state of the market.

Using the criteria established by the assignment, the scope and cost of additional work/equipment is determined. Engine and airframe maintenance reserves are calculated. Model year and airframe time are considered, and a “forecast price” is established (the forecast price is the price we believe the seller is willing to accept). Finally, each available aircraft is ranked according to its “total adjusted cost” in order to assist the client in selecting those aircraft that warrant further consideration—the “finalists.”

Due Diligence

When the choice is a pre-owned aircraft, Boston JetSearch, along with a technical expert in the type of aircraft under consideration, initially evaluates each finalist in person. The technical expert is retained to review the aircraft’s logbooks and records, conduct a thorough walk-around inspection, verify specifications, and determine major upcoming maintenance items.

During this preliminary review, we also ascertain how the aircraft has been operated and maintained, as well as assess its overall pedigree. We then prepare an initial evaluation report that contains detailed specifications, photographs, and an analysis of major strengths and weaknesses for each finalist. An update of the financial comparison between each aircraft in the research focus group and the assignment’s criteria is included. Client participation is encouraged throughout this process.


The scope of Boston JetSearch’s involvement in the negotiation process is determined by the client. However, our in-depth knowledge of comparable transactions gives our clients a significant advantage when negotiating on a pre-owned or factory-new aircraft.

Further, we work closely with the client’s counsel to ensure that all aspects of the acquisition—from the drafting of the offer to purchase and the purchase agreement, to details associated with the condition of the aircraft at delivery—are negotiated with the full benefit of our extensive experience and entirely in the client’s best interests.


Before the client closes on a pre-owned aircraft, Boston JetSearch arranges for a complete pre-purchase evaluation intended to develop a comprehensive picture of the condition and status of the aircraft. This inspection is usually conducted by a factory-authorized service center, frequently the aircraft’s manufacturer itself.

Boston JetSearch will schedule and review the results of the pre-purchase evaluation, which is designed to protect against costly surprises. In the case of a factory-new aircraft, Boston JetSearch will assist with options selections and review the details of the proposed completion specification to ensure that all of the client’s expectations are incorporated.

The Closing

With the pre-purchase inspection of a pre-owned aircraft, or the completion specification of a factory-new aircraft, concluded to the client’s complete satisfaction, Boston JetSearch organizes and supervises the myriad details of closing (or finalizes the purchase agreement in the case of a factory-new acquisition).

Working with designated legal counsel, and always on the client’s behalf, we make certain that this sometimes troublesome phase progresses smoothly and quickly, eliminating the mistakes and frustration that can be caused by miscommunication and delay.