Our Approach

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENTIn 1983, Boston JetSearch created the only way to acquire a corporate jet without bias or conflicts of interest.

Our singular focus at Boston JetSearch is to exclusively represent you – the buyer – in both the search for and acquisition of a corporate jet.

THE BOSTON JETSEARCH DIFFERENCEWe have nothing to sell other than our advice.

Zero Conflicts, Zero Bias, Completely Aligned with Our Clients’ Best Interest
We remain the only resource in the industry that offers a truly impartial perspective on the market, free of any conflicts or bias.

Our Pledge: Transparency and Integrity

Our sole mission is to make our clients fully informed buyers.

Tailored Solutions for Your Budget and Travel Needs

Our searches are based on your specific requirements, not anyone else’s. Period.

Working Solely For You

We’re not here to serve any interests but yours. Our commitment to working only for our clients is not just a promise—it’s guaranteed in every contract we sign.

The Alternatives

Deal Directly With The Manufacturer

This approach can afford convenience, but it also denies you any chance to take advantage of opportunities that may be available in other sectors of the market, or from other manufacturers.

Deal With Brokers and Dealers

This approach will give you a broader view of the market. However, brokers and dealers are forced to favor the aircraft they represent or have in inventory. You won’t get a thorough assessment of the market or unbiased advice.

Try and Do It Yourself

You can do your own market research and analysis, aircraft evaluation, negotiating, and closing. This eliminates the negatives of dealing with brokers, dealers, or manufacturers, but introduces others: it takes time, and you’re operating in a specialized market without any expertise.